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  • Well said Mark. Rest in peace Fred.
  • It's superb, and im so pleased for all you regular away boys and girls too. One game at a time though Mark, one game at a time! I see us as needing only another 31 points for safety, lol. Seriously, i don't get carried away, this is Wolves, but eve…
  • ^^^ keep saying to myself 'it's only a friendly'.... And alarm bells definitely AREN'T ringing! Honest they're not....
  • What i am looking forward to is seeing a change in mentality at the club. The whole set up was stale from management down to players, they stunk of mediocrity and didn't have an ounce of quality needed both physically and mentally to get us top six.…
  • Great win, and such a weight lifted to know we are safe for another season. Somewhat frustrating that a side that looks band average on paper can then play so well, then on another day the same side can be truly awful. It's that consistency we need …
    in Leeds Away Comment by macman April 2017
  • Exactly. Hate all this talk of 'Costa will be gone in the Summer.' Why? If Fosun mean business we should be building a team around him. We should only sell him if he specifically wants to leave. Bollocks to Mendez. Fosun need some balls and build a …
  • Reminds me of how Sako carried us in those two Jackett seasons. This time it's Costa... if he doesn't play, Wolves don't play.
  • Ooops, double post. Three great points, but now I'm greedy... At least a draw at Fulham boys! Well done to those that went.
  • I'd take a win at Brentford and a defeat at Fulham (or vice versa). But to win you need to score goals and defend. So that's one point at best from the next two games at best then.
  • I'd take a win at Brentford and a defeat at Fulham (or vice versa). Sadly though, to win you need to score goals and defend. So one point from the next two games if we're lucky then.
  • im still in shock how bad things are. are we capable of staying up with these bunch of talentless players and manager?
  • Typically me, would love a win, but wouldn't be to downhearted with a draw. Just don't want them claret and blue wankers winning.
  • Can't believe a year has passed already. RIP Fred.
  • Sorry, double post. Didn't realise the first one got through. Bit like our defence...
  • Belated happy xmas to all. Three points against qpr, and a point at sheffield will do me.
  • I'm in! Yes, a belated happy xmas to all, and a prosperous new year. A point at hillsborough will be a good start

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