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  • R.I.P Fred Simmons - Never Forgotten and always in my thoughts.
  • Okay, Shrewsbury friendly. Neves looked superb the time he was on the pitch, the rest...oh dear. It's a new system we're playing with 3 at the back and wingback, it didn't look comfortable, we still have time and possibly some new additions to come …
  • That's a pretty fair assessment mac, we need some strong players in the Summer, and keep hold of Costa.
  • Well, what a come down that was. The most inept and disinterested display of the season.
  • Well, I can confidently predict, that after yesterdays game against Cardiff, that we won't go down. 5 games ago it was looking ropey, now we seem to be gelling and with the return of Cav, Marshall getting fitter, Wieman leading the line well and of …
  • Didn't see that coming ! Good performance and deserved result, roll on Fulham, another 3 points will be welcome. Enjoyable night out !
  • Truly terrible, out battled and got drawn into hoofball, midfield creativity needed badly and I'm hoping Ronan steps up.
  • Yes, we're stopping in Lichfield, Stuart has posted details on our FB group, haven't looked yet. 3 points, keep this march going, sneak into the play offs and it's ours !
  • You got your wish mac, the Burnley impersonators went home stinking of fish !
    in Villa Home Comment by Admin January 2017
  • It was a good trip mac, a much improved performance and if we had a goal scorer then all points would have been ours ! Ronan looks some player
  • Hopefully Stoke will get it as well, we've played well lately without getting the rub of the green, time for a change
    in Stoke away Comment by Admin January 2017
  • Times for Stoke now on Travel page
    in Stoke away Comment by Admin January 2017
  • R.I.P. Fred, always in our thoughts
  • And just to add, I'm optimistic for the future under Lambert. I think he's quickly identified our weaknesses ( defence mainly) and he's patched it up with the resource he has, a test of him for me is who he buys/loans in January and if it's a top q…
  • I'll put times up in next couple of days, need to get in touch with coach company, they will be back in office on the 2nd.
  • At least our attackers are outscoring our defence at the moment, doing a Keegan. I don't mind the edge of the seat stuff as long as it's 3 points after 90 minutes !

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