Leeds Away

Well, I didn't see that coming, especially after the Brighton performance.

No Costa, however Stearman and Williamson looked solid and composed, no panicky hoofing out. I think Hause is destined for the Premiership but Bath is a lower league 2 player, he can head and clear but he can't play football and thats what we need to get out this league and progress.


  • Great win, and such a weight lifted to know we are safe for another season. Somewhat frustrating that a side that looks band average on paper can then play so well, then on another day the same side can be truly awful. It's that consistency we need to address. Will the addition of a few new players help that? I'm worried the mentality of the club (and me!) is of mediocrity and survival, and it will take quite a while to change that into a winning and successful mentality.

    If Fosun mean business we should be looking at Play Offs next season, with a top two place the year after. But I just cannot see it, and feel next season will be more of the same. Hope to be proved wrong.

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