Merry Christmas and New Year !

As the title :) Lets hope for a sackful of points over Christmas and New Year to kick start our season !


  • I'm in! Yes, a belated happy xmas to all, and a prosperous new year. A point at hillsborough will be a good start :)

  • Sorted, happy new year, let's finish this year with 3 points tomorrow and then start the new one with 3 points on Monday
    2/3 players who will walk into the first team in January as stated by Thelwell and our March up the league into the play offs begin
    Look forward to seeing all those who are travelling to Sheffield

  • Well done on the forum
    Much better, appreciate your hard work thank you

  • Belated happy xmas to all. Three points against qpr, and a point at sheffield will do me.

  • Sorry, double post. Didn't realise the first one got through. Bit like our defence...

  • At least our attackers are outscoring our defence at the moment, doing a Keegan. I don't mind the edge of the seat stuff as long as it's 3 points after 90 minutes !

  • And just to add, I'm optimistic for the future under Lambert. I think he's quickly identified our weaknesses ( defence mainly) and he's patched it up with the resource he has, a test of him for me is who he buys/loans in January and if it's a top quality centre half and a right back plus a centre forward then I reckon he's nailed it, maybe a little late for a charge up the table but who knows ?

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