Tony Brown - Telford Wolves Legend

Words by Mark Young, nephew of Tony.

Apologies for another 'Telford Wolves' thread, but my uncle, Tony Brown, passed away suddenly, and peacefully, this morning at the age of 78. Tony was one of the founder members of Telford Wolves back in 1976 (see Anniversary thread below). Anyone who travelled on the coach between then and around 2005/6 will remember him as the small grey haired chap who would take all the bookings and money.

The nicest bloke you could meet and very proud to say he introduced me and my two brothers to watching the Wolves. He never saw anything bad in Wolves, even during the Bhatti era. RIP my 'second dad', and thank you for being there for me and leading me into a lifelong support of Wolves.

RIP Tony.

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