New season, new manager, new team !

It would appear that Fosun aren't messing around this season, manager with a highly regarded reputation, signing players of the quality of Neves and Boly, shipping out players that have become stale or simply not good enough.

I'm looking forward to this season more than other recent seasons, I want to see football rather than hoofball, a promotion to Division 1 and a real go when we're there. An FA Cup Final would be good too :)


  • What i am looking forward to is seeing a change in mentality at the club. The whole set up was stale from management down to players, they stunk of mediocrity and didn't have an ounce of quality needed both physically and mentally to get us top six.

    Just hope it all 'clicks'...

  • Okay, Shrewsbury friendly. Neves looked superb the time he was on the pitch, the rest...oh dear. It's a new system we're playing with 3 at the back and wingback, it didn't look comfortable, we still have time and possibly some new additions to come in, but more work on the formation needed.

  • ^^^ keep saying to myself 'it's only a friendly'.... And alarm bells definitely AREN'T ringing! Honest they're not....

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