Bristol City Away

Ive put the departure times on the travel page, these times only apply to the minibus going down for the people who can't make the Weson Super Mare / Bristol City game. All our tickets are in the same section so we will all meet and see each other at the game. Hopefully another great away performance and 3 points. Play offs is gone but would be nice to top Villa :)


  • Well, what a come down that was. The most inept and disinterested display of the season.

  • Reminds me of how Sako carried us in those two Jackett seasons. This time it's Costa... if he doesn't play, Wolves don't play.

  • That's a pretty fair assessment mac, we need some strong players in the Summer, and keep hold of Costa.

  • Exactly. Hate all this talk of 'Costa will be gone in the Summer.' Why? If Fosun mean business we should be building a team around him. We should only sell him if he specifically wants to leave. Bollocks to Mendez. Fosun need some balls and build a promotion winning team, not piss about as if M and M were still calling the shots.

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