Will we go down?

Simply cannot believe from the euphoria at Liverpool, we have sunk so low, so quickly. Lambert has gone from hero to villain so quickly. Personally I am more worried about the Thelwell and backroom 'easy life' charactes that are around, so if we did sack him, then the rest would have to go to. However, with so few games left to save ourselves, the short term answer has to be get someone like Rowett or Warburton in to at least TRY and save us (under Lambert I can see no improvement on the horizon). Then worst case scenario, we start League One with a new man who would be allowed to get his own staff in. And if they keep us in the Championship, we do the same and get rid of Thelwell and co so a new man can bring his staff in.

But seriously, Morgan and Moxey have left, we have serious financial backing, and 9 months later we are in a worse position. Only Wolves.

But relegation would be absolutely catastrophic.

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